Fertility Treatments & Services Egg/Sperm Donor Program

When infertility is a result of compromised ovarian function beyond repair, eggs from a selected donor can be used in conjunction with IVF where the resulting embryo is transferred to the female patient’s uterus. Similarly, if the male’s reproductive function is beyond repair, sperm from a selected donor can also be used in conjunction with IUI or IVF.

At CHA Fertility Center, we can assist all our patients who decide to take this route in finding the donor program or sperm bank that fits their needs. While for most women and couples egg or sperm donation is not the first choice, we find that virtually all patients develop strong bonds and feel complete with their donor egg/sperm babies. For those who may not be certain of this direction, we encourage and support counseling to determine whether this path is the right option for them.

Since our opening, CHA Fertility Center – Los Angeles have fulfilled the family dreams of thousands of aspiring parents using a donor program.


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