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Category: Research and Development

Unexplained Infertility – No One’s Fault!

febrero 6, 2017

CHA Fertility Center’s Medical Director Dr. Joshua Berger says infertility, including unexplained infertility, is no one’s fault! Many women spend much of their early adult lives trying not to get pregnant. But when you finally do want to start a family and it doesn’t happen right away, it can leave you feeling frustrated. Not to ... Read More

Dr. Berger Talks Infertility Tests with Dr. Babaknia

agosto 10, 2016

CHA Fertility Center’s Medical Director, Dr. Joshua Berger discusses infertility testing on tonight’s “Fruits of Life” broadcast on Andisheh TV. The legendary Dr. Ari Babaknia interviews Dr. Berger to help others understand the considerations and types of infertility tests available. Viewing Information This limited program can be viewed Wednesdays at 8pm PT the following ways: ... Read More

Dr. Berger Discusses Fertility Issues on Andisheh TV Wednesdays at 8pm PT

agosto 3, 2016

Starting tonight at 8pm Pacific, Dr. Joshua Berger discusses fertility issues with legendary Dr. Ari Babaknia on Andisheh TV. This special program will run for a limited time. Fertility Issues Dr. Babaknia, one of the first IVF doctors in Orange County, asks our Medical Director fertility questions such as: why infertility seems to be more prevalent in ... Read More

Embryo Squishiness May Predict IVF Viability

febrero 26, 2016

Much like choosing a ripe piece of fruit, how ‘squishy’ an embryo is can predict its viability potential for in vitro fertilization (IVF), says a new study published in the prestigious journal Nature Communications. The technique of gently squeezing embryos was found to be a more accurate and even earlier way for Stanford and Montana ... Read More

Pentagon to Offer Sperm and Egg Freezing for Military

febrero 8, 2016

US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter launches initiative to provide sperm and egg freezing for the military. As part of his plan to make the military more appealing and family-friendly, Mr. Carter plans to bring fertility preservation options in a pilot program. This would make the military one of the growing number of organizations such as ... Read More


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