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In Los Angeles at CHA Fertility Center and at the world-renowned CHA Women's Hospital in Seoul, Korea, medical history has been made and continues to be made.
Until recently, it was believed that female fertility remained fairly stable until around the age of 35. New studies, however, have indicated that a women's reproductive potential actually begins to...

CHA Group

CHA Fertility Center is part of a global healthcare enterprise which owns and operates CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles and 5 general hospitals throughout Korea.


“My wife and I had been married for fourteen years and we had used numerous infertility doctors and procedures. After just one attempt with CHA, we are proud to announce we have a beautiful son and our lives could not be any happier. Thank you so much CHA!!!
-Neil and Rajini”

“Here I am writing my review on CHA Fertility just 3 weeks before my due date!!! There are no words to express my joy and happiness! All I can tell you is that I am very happy to be a patient of Doctor Sepilian and nurse Tina. They took great care of me, did everything possible and impossible (!!!) to make my dream come true! I highly recommend Doctor Sepilian. Very professional, caring genuine approach. Thank you Doctor for everything!
Sincerely, Anna”

“This may just be one of the best days of my life. I graduated from my fertility clinic. It was bittersweet b/c I have nothing but complete love for Dr. Sepilian and the entire staff of CHA. I have been their patient for almost a year now and they have made my dreams come true. Dr. Sepilian has given me the best Christmas gift possible. I'm pregnant with twins. I saw both heartbeats on ultrasound today. There are no words to express my joy or gratitude. I didn't think it was possible for me to ever be pregnant with our babies. Dr. Sepilian gave me hope when I had none. He's a medical genius. The man always had an answer for all of my questions. He never rushed me. He is ridiculously amazing at what he does. I completely trust this man.

Yes, Dr. Sepilian's medical skills are top notch -- elite, but CHA Fertility is more than that. They held my hand every step of the way. They infused me with emotional support. I fell in love with the staff & their warm smiles. Dr. Sepilian's warmth and humor got me through tough times. He is our hero. My happiness wouldn't be possible without Dr. Sepilian.

Dr. Sepilian & CHA Fertility hasn't stopped caring now that I've graduated. He wants me to stay in touch, keep them updated and bring my babies for a visit after they are born. He has even set me up with an OBGYN which I know will be fabulous. CHA is so much more than a fertility clinic. Dr. Sepilian and CHA Fertility make dreams come true.
Ani P.”

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